Fantastic Fireworks

Enjoy explosive wins with Fantastic Fireworks slot from award winning IGT !

Fantastic fireworks is 5X5 reel, 10 payline video slot. This online pokie is playable on all devices with a minimum bet 20p and maximum bet of €400.

Theoretical RTP mentioned with a range in between 93.25% to 96.51% and  had low to medium variance.

Game includes rockets,cherries,crisscross,boom ,blues and sparkler as the reel symbols on the screen .

fantastic fireworks slot

Fantastic Fireworks Slot Game Guide

Light up the sky with different crackers and big wins. Game features with 2 bonuses: Free spins bonus and Canon bonus.

Every chain of exactly 4 symbols creates a Boom symbol in the second position of the chain (from left or top).
A chain of 5 symbols creates a Super symbol in the center position of the chain.
Every intersection of 2 wins of the same type creates a CrissCross symbol at the intersecting position.

Boom, CrissCross, and Super symbols explode when:

  • Part of a win (other than the win that creates them)
  • Hit by the effects of another exploding symbol
  • They occupy the same position as another exploding symbol

Boom symbols explode all symbols immediately adjacent to them.
CrissCross symbols explode all symbols in the same row and column.
Super symbols explode the most numerous type of symbol on the reels, not counting symbols that are part of wins or have already been struck by an explosion.


The Free Spins Bonus or the Cannon Bonus randomly awarded.

Free Spins Bonus

Triggering the Free Spins Bonus awards 8 free spins. At least one exploding symbol guarantees to be on the reels on every free spin.

  • For every 10 scattered Sparkler symbols collected during the Free Spins Bonus, an additional 4 free spins are awarded.
  • Rocket Bonus symbols do not appear in the Free Spins Bonus.
  • At the start of the Free Spins Bonus, the Rocket Meter begins at 0.

Cannon Bonus

Select 3 of 6 fireworks cannons in the Cannon Bonus.

  • Each cannon awards a prize and may cause a spark that lights one of the un selected cannons.
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