The European Summit (TES) 2019- Lisbon

Start date: March 1, 2019 - End date: March 4, 2019

Time: 0800- N/A

Location: The Oitavos Hotel, Lisbon / Cascais

iGaming Events 2019

Founded in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences brings together professionals from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, binary options, health, nutraceuticals and many others for an intensive 3-day networking event.

From the onset TES was intent on creating a great networking experience for its attendees/delegates. In our high tech world it is still of supreme importance that excellent inter-personal relationships be developed and/or maintained. They are just the cornerstones of building a successful business.

The European Summit (TES) 2019 Schedule

08:00 Airport Shuttle

09:00 Invite Only: Pay Site Executive Roundtable

09:00 EPGBill Welcome Drinks

10:00 Airport Shuttle

12:00 Conference Registration (sponsored by AgeID)

12:00 Airport Shuttle

14:00 Airport Shuttle

14:30 Meet Market Build-Up

15:30 Meet Market

6:00 Airport Shuttle

18:00 Invite-Only: Affiliate Business Club

18:00 Airport Shuttle

18:00 Happy Hours (sponsored by TBA)

19:00 Invite Only: DigiDrinx

20:00 Invite Only: AWSummit Dinner

20:00 Airport Shuttle

22:00 Airport Shuttle

22:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus to BongaCash Opening Party

22:00 BongaCash Party

22:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to BongaCash Opening Party

09:00 Advertising Build Up

09:00 Conference Registration (sponsored by AgeID)

09:00 EPGBill Welcome Drinks

10:00 Expo Floor open

10:00 Pineapple Support Coffee Reception

10:30 Gaming Adult Cake Station

10:30 Candy Station (sponsored by TBA)

11:00 Seminar: Essay Niche: specifics and approaches to traffic monetezation

11:00 Seminar: What to ask your affiliate manager next time you speak?

11:00 e-Commerce Industry Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

11:00 Product Presentation: Programmatic Email – Yes you heard right.

11:00 Seminar: Evolving Challenges for the Dating Industry

11:00 Seminar: The unseen/hidden effect of the hidden/anonymous Media companies

11:30 MobItEasy Thai Massage

11:30 xlovecam Day Bar

12:00 ChargeBackHelp/Billapay Food Court

12:00 Keynote: Taking Focused Action: Strategies to Grow Your Internet Presence Today

12:00 Keynote: Google Penalties Explained. Understand, remove and avoid Google Spam actions

13:00 Keynote: Psychology : Key to higher sales for E Commerce

13:00 Keynote: Facebook Ad Hacks for growing your business

14:00 Product Presentation: Does selling ads within Members’ Area add to the bottom line or does it harm leads value?

14:00 Seminar: How to Guide the Customer Journey using Facebook and Instagram Ads

14:00 Product Presentation: AVSecure – The Leading Age Verification Solution for the UK Digital Economy Act

14:00 Product Presentation: Maximising ROI with ExoClick’s Push Notifications

14:00 Speed Presentations (hosted by 7Veils)

14:00 Live Cam Industry Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

15:00 Panel: An honest Business Conversation about Dating with Sean and William

15:00 Online Dating Industry Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

15:00 Seminar: How to run profitable campaigns with push notification traffic

15:00 Panel: Issues within social media and influencer marketing

15:00 Seminar: Automation in Affiliate Marketing

15:00 Product Presentation: BongaCash Bingo Presentation

16:00 Panel: Models and Studios can be successful influencers or affiliates

16:00 Product Presentation: Fulfillment: A Key Point Of Success

16:00 Speed Presentations (hosted by 7Veils)

16:00 Paysite Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

16:00 Panel: Women in online businesses

16:00 Workshop: Growth Through Infotainment and Influencer Marketing

17:00 Seminar: The Art of Productivity in Digital Advertising

17:00 Seminar: How to buy a click one time, and re-sell it thousands of times

17:00 Product Presentation: The next great Technologies used in the VR Industry

17:00 Hebrew Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

17:00 Panel: Pineapple Support18:00 Pineapple Support Tapas Stand

18:00 Pineapple Support Networking Drinks

18:30 Invite Only: Golden Goose Party

20:30 Invite Only: VR Dinner by RealityLovers & Brokerbabe

22:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to ExoClick Party

23:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus to ExoClick Party

23:00 ExoClick Party

09:00 Conference Registration (sponsored by AgeID)

10:00 Pineapple Support Coffee Reception

10:00 Expo Floor open

10:30 Candy Station (sponsored by TBA)

10:30 Gaming Adult Cake Station

11:00 Seminar: Challenges the affiliates face and how to overcome them

11:00 Product Presentation: DIMOCO, the future proof payments group

11:00 Seminar: Why is necessary Fraud prevention before an Install happens

11:00 Crypto Currency Industry Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

11:00 Seminar: Develop your products in an agile way

11:00 Seminar: Media Buying Strategies in 2019

11:30 xlovecam Day Bar

11:30 MobItEasy Thai Massage

12:00 Keynote: How To Start Your 6 Figure a Year Product Launch Business In An Easy Smart Way

12:00 Keynote: Transformation through Innovation

12:00 ChargeBackHelp/Billapay Food Court

13:00 Keynote: The Biggest Myths in the Martech Industry Today

13:00 Keynote: How to Do Adwords For Affiliate Offers To Make 200% ROI

14:00 Product Presentation: ExoClick’s New Admin panel is Here!

14:00 Online Nutraceutical Industry Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

14:00 Panel: Identify user fetish and boost your revenue

14:00 Speed Presentations (hosted by 7Veils)

14:00 Panel: Mobile Strategies in 2019

14:00 Seminar: Video Automation 101

15:00 Seminar: What are the main elements of a successful affiliate program?

15:00 Product Presentation: Native Ads: Master Class

15:00 Product Presentation: Age Check Certification for Providers of Adult Content

15:00 Seminar: Reasons Your Chatbot Doesn’t Attract Clients and How to Fix It

15:00 iGaming & iGambling Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

15:00 Seminar: Link Building Strategies for your adult websites

16:00 Panel: Virtual Reality and Tech

16:00 Seminar: SEO (in French)

16:00 Media Buyer Meet-Up (sponsored by AWSummit)

16:00 Panel: Brainstorming for a more profitable Live Cam Industry

16:00 Product Presentation: Fulfillment: A Key Point Of Success

16:00 Product Presentation: Why not leveraging e-commerce in the adult niche means missing out

17:00 Pineapple Support Tapas Stand

17:00 Pineapple Support Networking Drinks

17:00 Advertising Break-Down

17:00 Pineapple Support Port Wine Tasting

18:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus to Live Cam Awards

18:30 Paxum Shuttle Bus to Lisbon City Centre

18:30 Invite Only: Live Cam Awards Show *

18:50 Paxum Shuttle Bus to Live Cam Awards

19:00 Pineapple Support Closing Cocktails

22:00 Paxum Shuttle Bus from LCA to the Closing Party

22:30 Closing Party & Jam Session

22:45 Paxum Shuttle Bus from LCA to the Closing Party

23:30 Paxum Shuttle bus from Lisbon to Conference Hotel

04:00 Airport Shuttle

06:00 Airport Shuttle

08:00 Airport Shuttle

10:00 Airport Shuttle

12:00 Airport Shuttle

14:00 Airport Shuttle

16:00 Airport Shuttle

18:00 Airport Shuttle

The European Summit (TES) 2019 Speakers

  1. Alex Gheorghe-Dir of Sales Payze
  2. Chris Rodger-CEO Terpon
  3. Jean-Claude Artonne-Chief Marketing Officer,AVSecure
  4. Stephen Winyard-CEO,
  5. Sergei Glaukus-Senior Affiliate Manager,BongaCash
  6. Katy BongaCash-Affiliate manager,BongaCash
  7. Denny BongaCash-Producer,Hauke Films
  8. Andreas Hauke-Communication Scientist,Imlive
  9. Livia Choice-Managing Director,TrafficStars
  10. Peter Rabenseifner-Business Development,Trooperads CLL
  11. Florencia Schenone-Digital Marketer And Affiliate Marketer,
  12. Jitendra Vaswani-COO,Quantox Technology
  13. Filip Karaicic-Project Manager,
  14. Peter Schwartz-CSO,NMS
  15. Anastasiia Bilous-CEO,Investoweb
  16. Alan CladX-Cofounder, Operations and Development,Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART)
  17. Sterling Hawkins-CEO,Fresh Crowd
  18. Jason Hunt-Production/Branding,NMS Productions,NMS Productions – The Young Dreamers
  19. Anna Blaivas-Sales Director,TrafficStars
  20. Tony Allen-Head of Certification,Age Check Certification Services Ltd
  21. Grégoire Lacan-CEO,UniK SEO
  22. Dasha Nazarova-Marketing Manager,
  23. Michele Baccari-Sales Manager,DIMOCO Payment Services GmbH
  24. Benedikt Becker-Head of Sales,Audience Serv
  25. Ovidio Sanchez Rodriguez-Sales Manager,DIMOCO Carrier Billing
  26. Anton Merkulov-Project Manager – Affiliate Club,Propeller Ads
  27. Den BongaCash-Project Manager,BongaCash
  28. Eteoklis Papanastasiou-BRAND CONSULTANT,Eteoklis
  29. Evan ExoClick-Sales and Ad Operations Director,ExoClick
  30. Ophelia MarcusCam Performer, Founder of LittleRedBunny Academy,LittleRedBunny Academy
  31. Joey Gabra-Solutions Director,New Media Services, Pty Ltd
  32. Shay E.-VP Marketing & Business Development, /
  33. Natalie Pannon-Business Development Manager,MojoHost
  34. Aleksandra BongaCash-Project Manager,BongaCash
  35. Daniel Abramovich-CEO,VR Bangers
  36. Stefano Model-Model,Flirt4Free
  37. Jamie Rodriguez-Director of Product,Flirt4Free
  38. Kevin Feng-Marketing Director,Moxy Media
  39. Robin Devon Calandri-eCom Manager,uDroppy
  40. Jai Sharma-Top Online Product Launch Expert,Jai Sharma Solutions Private Limited
  41. Manny Hanif-Marketing Consultant,Hawkeye ROI
  42. Kaspar Szymanski-SEO expert,
  43. Stefan Muehlbauer-Director of Marketing & Sales,
  44. Saurabh Choudhary-E Commerce & Marketing Psychology Specialist,Digitaleezy
  45. Simon Corbett-Founder,Global Dating Insights
  46. Michael Reul-CEO,
  47. Alex LecomteSales & Marketing Director,7 Veils
  48. Lauren MacEwen-CEO,7 Veils Media
  50. Roland Grotheer-CEO & Founder,Gaelic WWW Conference
  51. Roman Kalamoitsau-Head of Business Development,Affise
  52. Edvard Halupa-Senior Affiliate Manager,Insparx
  53. Kourosh Maheri-University Lecturer/Hightech consultant,Maheri Co.
  54. Mike Henigen-Affiliate Manager,VR Bangers
  55. Brett Napoli-Founder & CEO,Ambition Insight
  56. Alex Novak-CEO,SexLikeReal
  57. Andy Wullmer-CEO Mobile,TrafficPartner
  58. Samuel Scott-Columnist, The Promotion Fix,The Drum
  59. yannick sauvignet-CEO,live immersion ysx immerison etc
  60. Alice Langlois-Marketing PR,DivaNylon
  61. Kate Kiseleva-Head of Affiliate Program,EduCashion
  62. Valerie Artonne-CBO,Terpon
From the humble beginnings in 2009 we have seen a strong growth during our events in 2016 and 2017. Expectations are that a further, strong, growth will take place in 2018/2019. For our March 2019 event in Cascais/Lisbon we will be looking forward to 1.600 – 2.000 delegates while Prague in September 2019 is projected to have over 2.000 participants.